Thursday, November 12, 2009

Referee Humor

I've been a basketball official off and on since 1983. We officials are a strange breed, and have a strange sense of humor.

I am visiting my father in my hometown this week, and when I read the Paducah Sun online this morning, I did a double take as I saw this on the front page of the Sports section:

The article is about the officiating of late in Southeastern Conference football. I suspect this picture at the Alabama vs L.S.U. game won't help matters too much. Of course, we all know that the letters stand for Back judge, Umpire, Side judge, and Head linesman. But don't you know that the photographer couldn't resist THAT Kodak moment!

Of course, there is this one from a few years ago during team warmups:

Of course, this is the Field Judge and the Umpire standing next to each other.

What does all this mean? Probably nothing other than that some photographers have a quick wit and quick draw on the shutter. However, I guess it COULD be taken to mean that SEC football officials are political conservatives who aren't interested in your opinion. [smile]

Pax vobiscum,