License to Lament?

Actually, instead of lament, I wanted to use another word... but hey, it's got alliteration, and it's a nice biblical-sounding word. Besides, one of my church members might be reading this.

I awoke this morning and read through my usual news pages and blogs, and realize that today no one is happy. Politicians are unhappy with each other, constituents are unhappy with those representing them. Pat Head Summit (sorry, she'll always be Trish Head to me, as I remember her college basketball days at UT Martin) is unhappy with UT's seeding in the tournament. Billy Packer and Jim Nantz are unhappy with the Men's tournament selection, while selection chairman Craig Littlepage is unhappy with Packer and Nantz and CBS in general for their criticism. Coach Calipari at Memphis is doing a great job, but his own hometown press and Memphis pundits trash him at every opportunity. At least they don't want to kill him, as John Chaney once wanted to. At least, not yet.

My denomination isn't immune: some are not happy with our bishops, one bishop seems to have made an error according to the Judicial Council, and now said bishop is criticizing the Judicial Council with filed legal briefs (ever watch Law and Order?). In my own state of Kentucky, a referee was unhappy that he was not allowed to officiate a regional final... so upset that he got a court order to postpone the game.

Is America just one big bitchfest? (oops, I said it after all... but hey, it has alliteration!)

I asked my wife and daughter just now, "Are y'all unhappy this morning?" My daughter said, "I'm not - I'm happy. If you're upset, just hang around me today and you'll be happy too." She'll be 13 on Thursday. While most people are lamenting life and getting older, she's loving life.

Works for me.