God Works in Mysterious Ways

Some churches would give anything to be able to move their church to a more prominent location. In our case, however, the prominent location is moving to us.

After years of planning and promises, Reidland's traffic is being re-routed for safety reasons. And Reidland UMC will now be on the busiest corner in Reidland and southeastern McCracken county. We are scrambling to make parking provisions, and have hired an architect to see if he can turn what used to be the back of the church into a new front of the church. We now have contiguous property not separated by a highway. Exciting times!

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The road construction project (now underway) got a lot of press around the church... even the governor showed up! From left to right: James Brockman (church council chair), Jim Wheeler, myself, and Govenor Fletcher.

Plans (so far) can be seen by clicking here. The master site plan poster is in the background as the governor speaks on upcoming highway projects in Reidland UMC's fellowship hall. Pictured with him is County Judge-Executive Van Newberry and Paducah Mayor Bill Paxton.

Groundbreaking took place at the end of the press conference. I am certainly excited... but will be more excited when it's all done.