In Search of the Perfect Reuben

Several years ago, when I lived in Jackson, Tennessee, I wrote a silly little article for one of the entertainment magazines in Jackson, TN, entitled, "In Search of the Perfect Reuben." It started when I got into a conversation with one of my church members, Tim Walker. Our discussion turned serious when we began talking Reuben sandwiches. After painstaking research, we came to the conclusion that there were two great places to get a Reuben in Jackson: the Bemis Deli (alas, a very short-lived business venture), and the Old Town Spaghetti Store.

My family has lived in Kentucky off and on since 1991, so we decided it was high time to go to Mammoth Cave. One of my church members learned that we were going, and shared with us a great place to get a meal. I didn't pay that much attention until she said, "They have the best Reuben sandwich you'll ever have." Hark! She wrote down the name of the resort on an offering envelope.

She was right. My wife, who had never had a Reuben, loved her sandwich. My daughter, who was scared of something new, took a tentative bite of my wife's sandwich and her eyes lit up. Lots of sandwich, wonderfully fresh marbled rye bread toasted just perfectly. If you're ever near Park City, Kentucky, and you like Reuben sandwiches (I hear the prime rib is good, too), you have got to check out Park Mammoth Resort. Go to the lobby, and the restaurant is located adjacent to it. It is a quaint, beautiful resort that looks like a great place to relax and renew.

Be forewarned: if you've ever watched Dirty Dancing, the place reminds you of Kellerman's. [smile]