Clothes Make the Man (or Woman)?

I never knew where this phrase came from until the other day; it's a Mark Twain quote. "Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society. "

Hardly a quote intended to impress the need for dressing to the nine's. Sounds like it means that this is what separates us from the animals. I'm glad we wear clothes!

On one of the news programs this morning there was a very long segment on what the presidential candidates were wearing. Of course, all the hubbub about Gov. Palin's outfits figured prominently, along with Sen. McCain's $500 shoes, Sen. Obama's 5-6 suits, Sen. Biden's hair (or lack of it), and so on. And the bottom line? "People watch what others are wearing, but it probably has very little to do with how they vote."

So I looked in my closet - and it's pretty sad re: what I wear to work. I have:
  • 4 pairs of Levi 560 blue jeans, relaxed fit ($30 a piece, total $120)
  • Several polo-type shirts, long and short sleeved ($15-$20 a piece, total around $140)
  • A four pairs of Docker pants ($28-$35, total $140). 
  • Two clerical shirts ($35 a piece, total $70)
  • Two suits that probably need replaced: (guessing around $425)
  • One pair of dress shoes on their 4th sole ($125)
  • Two pairs of casual shoes ($140)
If clothes make the man, it takes $1,160 to make me. Maybe I should upgrade.