Dog Tired and Weary

I have been sitting outside committee rooms for the past two days, and occasionally I walk into one to listen in on conversations and committee work. For the most part everyone is very gracious, even after long hours, but occasionally we get a little testy. I know that when I get tired, I am prone to being on edge and making hasty decisions. So today's prayer is a simple one:

O Gracious Father:
We your children are weary today.
Our bodies are tired, our eyes are cloudy,
our tempers are shorter, and smiles are difficult.
Give us strength to do the work ahead,
and give us grace to do it grace-fully.
We love you.
Remind us to be loving, as we are loved.
In Jesus' name. Amen.



John Bonson said…
We all need to pray that prayer, daily! Thanks!
Connie W said…
Completely agree!! Prayers for all at General Conference!! Seems like a marathon of meetings! That is a lot of stress for a long period of time! But, in other news...that is the cutest puppy picture I have EVER seen!
Frankie Wade said…
It is comforting to remember that Jesus got tired and weary and had to get a way from the crowds and recharge himself. What a great lesson he taught us by doing!