Shall We Gather?

Shall we gather? At the shoreline?
Can you hear the voice of God?
Calling follow me, follow me,
follow me to the heart of eternity
where the reign of God is unending...

We sing this every morning as plenary sessions begin - very poignant words set to moving but soothing and inviting music.

It's more than mood music - it's an invitation. I daresay that everyone in this building is a Christian, but are we willing to go deeper than where we are today? To hear the voice of God and to know it might change us, disturb us, move us, and nudge us away from our will toward His will?

To say "yes" to someone who says, "Follow me" is a bold step of trust and faith. We don't know where all following Jesus will take us. To "the heart of eternity" sounds ominous! But the journey starts somewhere.

Shall we gather? Not just at General Conference - but each day?
Almighty God,
As we awake each morning, remind us that we are "us."
You create us with unique gifts, not to keep to ourselves
but to share with each other and the world.
Remind us that the Body of Christ is a body,
and we need each other.
Grant that we may be willing to gather and follow you
wherever you may take us:
trouble, hardship, persecution, hunger, nakedness,
danger, or sword.
And remind us that you are with us - all the way.
We love you - help us to love each other,
so that we may follow you and fish for your children.
In Jesus' name. Amen.