Two Prayers and Hopes

I am going out on faith in two areas this fall. One of them involves worship and the other involves confirmation classes.

Worship. You’re all familiar with the “Mayberry” series that was done a few years ago. Well, believe it or not, there is a “Gospel According to the Simpsons.” Is this out of my comfort zone? Sure. But in reading and preparing the material, I’m finding that it’s quite usable for worship on Sunday evenings. As we have in the past, we will begin with some informal praise singing before we dig in to study. But we will move to the Fellowship Hall for our Sunday evening worship experience. This will allow us to share more freely, have a cup of coffee or a Coke, and experience worship, study, and fellowship in a little more relaxed atmosphere. I look forward to seeing you there!

Confirmation Classes. We have a lot of church youth who have never been through a confirmation class. Because of this, I am led to believe that our study time might be the most fruitful during the scheduled time for Sunday School. Our young people will soon be getting an invitation to join us on Sunday mornings to explore the core of our Christian faith: spirituality, doctrinal stances, Scriptural teaching, discipleship formation, and other aids and aspects of our total salvation formation and experience.

I ask that you keep both of these things in your prayers. I feel that they could bear much fruit. Reidland UMC has a lot to share with the world – let’s equip ourselves to share the love of Christ that is so much a part of our lives and faith.

Grace and Peace,