Greater Tuna, and a Great Time

I used to go to plays all of the time. I grew up in a small college town, and in addition to watching plays, I was often in the cast in small parts, both in the children's theatre and the college theatre. My only "starring role" was in the play M*A*S*H as Lt. Col. Henry Blake in 1982. That was the last play I ever attended.

Greater Tuna is probably one of the most produced plays in the U.S., and I knew the play by reputation: a comedy and satire (somes a little dark!) about Southern life, with two actors portraying 20 different roles. One of our Sunday Schools went to see it at the Badgett Playhouse in Grand Rivers, KY, last night, and my wife and I tagged along. A great write-up of the play locally can be read here.

We had a ball. If you're from the South, you'll laugh yourself silly. And if you're not... you'll still laugh yourself silly. If you live around the Purchase Area of Kentucky, go support this wonderful cultural opportunity.



lcreekmo said…
My 6yo daughter and I took her dad and stepmother to see Tuna Christmas last year for their Christmas present from us. Now, I wouldn't recommend the Tuna series for just ANY 6yo, and I was glad that a few of the jokes sailed right over her head, but my word, the four of us all just laughed our heads off. I too had never seen any of the Tuna plays before. What a ball!! I think I knew every character in the play.