“Someday” May Be Today

For how many years have we heard that “They are going to widen Reidland Road, put a light at the corner, and close off Old Benton Road by the church?" I heard it when I first moved here. We all said, “Well, they keep saying that…”

It looks like it’s going to happen. Not only has the state paid us for the right of way, they have begun work in earnest moving underground and aboveground utilities. Sunday morning, you may have noticed fewer parking places on the north end of the building because of a pile of dirt and gravel. Those are not “our” parking places anymore.

A few months ago, Sunday School classes were ask to appoint a representative to serve on a Master Site Planning Committee. The time for that committee to meet is now. As I see it, the committee has three imminent tasks:

1. Dealing with immediate parking and facilities problems resulting from highway construction.
2. Relocating the preschool playground, as part of it now lies on state right-of-way.
3. Developing a master site plan on the church property that will take into account future growth and expansion.

There is one more task that we need to tackle that affects every aspect of our church. We need to answer this question:

Who are we?

It may take us a while to answer that question, but in the process of answering it, we will find direction for what goals we set, what ministries we offer, and how we live out our discipleship as individual Christians and as a local church in Reidland.



Anonymous said…
Yo, what happened to the post about clergy dress code? It was good stuff.
will post it next week. bumped it up a week.

wow - someone reads!!!
Anonymous said…
Almost as surprising as when someone asks about something said in a sermon...wow someone was actually listening!