Cuz I Got Tired of Seeing It - And It Needed to be Done

This is a picture of a fan belt that has been lying around near the intersection of Calvert Dr. and Reidland Rd. (next to Huck's Convenience Store) since before Thanksgiving. Somehow, between tornadic winds, torrential rains, highway salt trucks, and snow plows, the darned thing just wouldn't go away. I told myself yesterday that if I saw it today, I would pick it up and throw it away. So I did.

I remember reading Kathleen Norris' little book, The Quotidian Mysteries once, about how healing and redeeming it can be to make something clean again. That goes hand and hand with servant ministry, I think. Most of us have associated the image of a towel and basin as the Christian symbol for servant ministry - and particularly in the Lenten Season, a reminder to us of Jesus washing the feel of the disciples.

So now I have one more image of servant ministry: an old fan belt out in the middle of the street that had been out there for four months. I wonder how long we've neglected some of God's children...