Keeping A Holy Lent

I hope this doesn’t sound strange… but I actually look forward to Lent. It’s a time when we focus our church life around prayer and preparation and discipleship. Not that we don’t do those things all year long, but this season helps us to hone our faith tools for our walk with Christ.

There will be plenty of opportunities in church life to assist in your keeping a holy Lent. Here is a Lenten schedule for Reidland UMC:

Ash Wednesday: Morning Prayer, 9:30, Choir Room
Ash Wednesday Service, 6:30, Church Sanctuary
Each Sunday morning of Lent: Eucharist, 9:15-9:30 AM, Church Sanctuary (except March 2nd)
Each Wednesday Morning: Mid-Morning Prayer, 9:30 AM, Choir Room (coffee follows)

Holy Week

Monday: Morning Prayer, 9:30 AM, Church Sanctuary
Tuesday: Morning Prayer, 9:30 AM, Church Sanctuary
Wednesday: Morning Prayer, 9:30 AM, Church Sanctuary
Holy Thursday: Service of Word, Table, and Servanthood, 6:30 PM, Sanctuary
Good Friday: Service of Tenabrae (Shadows), 6:30 PM, Sanctuary
Holy Saturday: 36-Hour Prayer Vigil, Midnight Fri/Sat thru 6 AM Easter Morning

Easter: First Service: Community Sunrise, 7 AM, Reidland Baptist Church (serves in lieu of the 8:15 service)
Second Service, 10:45 AM, Church Sanctuary

We will be inviting individuals to sign up for 30-minute slots during the 36-hour vigil on Holy Saturday, with a list of church ministries, programs, and sick/infirm/shut-in church members to pray for and about.

Join me in keeping a holy Lent – in the name of Christ.



Gary said…
That's a great schedule of services. The image for keeping a Holy Lent is nice too. Is it creative commons? I'd love to use it on a church website and/or my blog.
To be honest... I found it online on a Yahoo search. Hope it's legal. [grin]