Nice, But It's Still a Change from What I'm Used To...

I said I wouldn't get one - because it was a cliché. Too trendy. It's more of a toy than a tool. I said all of these things about an iPhone. And even though I've had Macs since seminary, I wasn't sold on the iPhone.

Until yesterday.

I had a Treo 650 for years - a great phone, wonderful tool for ministry, great calendaring abilities and contacts management. Email worked seamlessly. If I needed to surf the net, I could. It synched with all my stuff on my laptop and office server. Palm OS was great to use and easy to update. It was a powerful little PDA.

Mine had some age on it. I'd dropped it one too many times. Our cat played hockey with it a few times. No problem, I thought, I'll buy the latest Treo and stuff will easily upgrade. Except that the Treo isn't as supported on the newer upgrades of software as previous Treos were. It can't even sync up with the new version of Microsoft Office. So I studied and decided that for what I needed, a Blackberry Bold was what I needed. I studied it and the iPhone and decided the Blackberry was the ticket.

All was well until the price - the Blackberry was priced $100 HIGHER than an iPhone. And my data plan was going to be LESS than my present one. So, while I can't believe it, the iPhone turned out to be cheaper. And I got it. And it's growing on me; slowly, but it's getting there. I like the music abilities. It talks to my Mac more seamlessly than my Treo did. And I found some apps that are helpful for work, such as MileBug for keeping up with business travel. I'm still not used to typing on it, but I'm trying to be patient. Change doesn't come easy to me.

In a way, perhaps it's a way to practice embracing my Lenten discipline to be more aware of my need to be a disciple in the world. I need to get out of my comfort zones and be a disciple and be the church. I need to be less set in my ways and be open to the Spirit in new ways of hearing, doing, and being in the work of the Kingdom. I need to let go and let God. That means trying new things, and being willing to part with the static and comfortable.

That is, no doubt, my growing edge. How much am I willing to give up for the sake of Christ and His Kingdom? How much are we all willing to give up?

In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,