Friday, September 16, 2011

"The Remedy" Hasn't Changed

This came across from my desk from Dr. David Fullen, pastor at the Arlington-Bardwell charge. You can click on the image to enlarge it. The text is below.


"The Remedy"

There is, among the Leaders, and others deeply concerned in our Church fellowship today—a growing distress because of the lack of loyalty on the part of many to their Church. The church languishes, financially and spiritually, and whatever is said, by those most deeply concerned and genuinely grieved is to no avail, because people who are thus indifferent to the vows made to God are usually indifferent to whatever may be said to them on the subject. What then, can be done!

Man solutions are offered, and many schemes presented, but in the mind of the writer there is only one remedy, and that is a Holy Ghost Revival. Without a single exception, it will be found that one who is loyal to God is loyal to the Church of which he is a member. Put that down. It will do to count on.

Every Church is made up of Pastor and people—preachers and laity, and first of all the ministers of The Gospel will have to answer to God for a commission to preach with the Holy Ghost sent down from Heaven a full salvation that saves people from worldliness and selfishness, and fires the heart to do the whole will of God. He must instruct, warn and arouse the slumbering as such a message only can. “The Gospel is (still, thank God) the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believeth.”

Then, there rests upon every truly awakened soul a responsibility in the creating of a warm spiritual atmosphere in which the truth will be effective. Such a spirit of prayer and praise should prevail that the message of truth would have easy access to the hearts of all. The minister of the Gospel standing before his people ought to feel the under—girding of prayer, and be stimulated by the responses of praise awakened by the truth in every true child of God. Thus would every message from God’s word become effective and a revival would be imminent.

Christian brother, sister, this is the normal condition of the Church of Christ. In so far as we fall short of this do we fall short of our duty and our responsibility. When this spirit and condition prevails the indifferent and those who forget their vows will see their distance from God, and mighty conviction will fall upon many that are now worthless in the Church.

By Miss Deborah Davis
Appeared in “Methodist Church Bulletin”
Arlington, Kentucky - May, 1923