Role Reversal

Restoring, Renewing, and Trying Something New - II

What It's All About

Testimony and Faith

Only God Can Fix It

Doing Your BEST for the Church

Clergy Salaries - Taboo Subject?

The Future of Episcopacy in the UMC – Part 6

Nurturing Community, Encouraging Family

"Nurture and Cultivate Spiritual Disciplines and Patterns of Holiness"

Standard: Does It Make Disciples?

Chasing Sunsets

Guaranteed Pastoral Appointments - A Luxury We Can Afford Anymore? Revisited.

Being Authentic II - Time Well Spent

Being Authentic

A Bad Law in the Midst of Absent Leadership - Is the Church Far Behind?

Is It About the Kingdom, or the Institution?

Putting On Christ - And Wearing Him Always

In Hac Lacrimarum Valle

Why Have the Church? Just Be a Democrat. Or a Republican.

Are We Thinking Ahead? Who's Job Is It?