Wednesday, December 07, 2005

How conveeeeenient...

I saw on two other blogs that Southland Church in Lexington (KY) - a "megachurch" - is going to be closed on Christmas Day. I couldn't believe that, so I went and checked their site and the Christmas schedule (click here).

I'll be danged!

Are we going to bow to convenience so much that Christians don't even have to worship on Christmas Day anymore?

Yes... I'm ranting.

Grace and peace,



Anonymous said...

I've been ranting too :)

Anonymous said...

As someone who works at a 'megachurch' who is offering other services rather than services on Sunday, we've found that this is going to serve our community better - not because we're worried about low attendance on Christmas Sunday - it's just meeting the needs of our community. It's not about convenience for people who normally go to church - but being convenient for people who don't. :) This is just the reasons our church is doing it, so I only speak for the church I work at :)

Sky McCracken said...

If we're going to skip Christmas Day in Christ's Church, Easter can't be far behind...

Anonymous said...


I don't think these churches are skipping Christmas Day..ok, maybe they are not having services on December 25th but is there harm in celebrating the birth of Christ on days other than December 25th? Is there something wrong with celebrating Easter, as Anon said, on June 15th? I hardly think there are problems with that. My opinioin is ur society has compartmentalized the two most important days in the history of the world by putting a bigger emphasis on celebrating them on a particular day instead of celebrating them every day.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

methodist monk said...

Br. Sky,

From one OSLer to another, you can rant all you want but we know that the "current" church mentality is about consumerism , user-friendly, accessability not about making an authentic witness to a world that needs to hear the subversive message of Christ.

Br. Stephen

P.S. Welcome to blogging