Thursday, March 23, 2006

Beauty and Creation

Our daughter, Sarah, recently turned 13. Of course, we are proud parents. She wrote a poem this evening, and it reminds me how often I take God's grandeur for granted. With her permission, I have published it below.

Ode to the Earth

Earth so sweet, so full of life,
a sphere of light and dark,
with forests of trees and deserts of sand,
and oceans of blue,
oh how they sparkle.

Earth filled with life, so abundant and free,
trees so tall they tower to the sky,
and flowers, they smell so sweet,
the birds sing a song,
singing of your history

Earth filled with destruction,
with storms that blow me off my feet,
and your violent volcanoes,
as you shake the country,
and snow that chills

Earth, you amaze me,
with beauty unimaginable,
springs flowing with clear water,
and valleys full of sweet flowers,

Earth, you are so pure,
with rain that washes,
and the sunlight that dries,
a new day is around the corner.

Earth, you are oh so mighty,
with mountains that tower,
and valleys that sink,
You will never cease to amaze me.

- Sarah E. McCracken, 2006

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Anonymous said...

That's WONDERFUL! I love all the imagery. Great job, Sarah!
Love Karen