Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Jesus Is Crazy as a Coot

"If the world is sane, then Jesus is mad as a hatter and the Last Supper is the Mad Tea Party. The world says, Mind your own business, and Jesus says, There is no such thing as your own business. The world says, Follow the wisest course and be a success, and Jesus says, Follow me and be crucified. The world says, Drive carefully — the life you save may be your own — and Jesus says, Whoever would save his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it. The world says, Law and order, and Jesus says, Love. The world says, Get and Jesus says, Give. In terms of the world's sanity, Jesus is crazy as a coot, and anybody who thinks he can follow him without being a little crazy too is laboring less under a cross than under a delusion." Listening to Your Life: Daily Meditations with Frederick Buechner

I don’t know that I need to add a whole lot to Rev. Buechner’s words. (But, of course, I will.)

When I think about the things that discipleship entails, the behaviors that Christians are to model, the Sermon on the Mount that Jesus asked us to live by… in today’s world, it does seem a little crazy, doesn’t it?

Comedian Robin Williams said. “You're only given a little spark of madness. You mustn't lose it.” It may be that God does call us to be a little bit crazy. For certain, we aren’t supposed to fit in the world, we are supposed to be agents of change.

So be in the world, but not of it. Act a little crazy – in the name of Jesus.



Brother Marty said...

Don't know why, but I feel less lonely being seen as a bit crazy by my friends and family. Crazy for Christ is sure a lot better than crazy for any other reason.
Thanks for sharing.

John Wesley said...

I am reminded of something I once said, half in jest, but set yourself on fire and the world will come to see you burn.

I should like to offer my most humble salutations and felicitations on this festal day of St. Valentine. I have the highest regard for our community, the “Methoblog” and wish we could make acquaintance under more auspicious circumstances as I am sure that these acquaintances may yet become a valuable and enriching friendship as we exhort and instruct each other to be conformed in the image of Christ.

I remain God’s most humble servant,

John Wesley

John said...

Yes, the Gospel is kind of crazy. The hard part is distinguishing between Christian craziness and regular craziness.

Anonymous said...

I am not afraid to say I love Jesus and if That makes me crazy I guess I am. Better to be crazy for Christ than to be of the world.