Thursday, April 05, 2007

Who Are We?

At the first Master Site Plan/Long Range Planning Committee meeting last week, we spent some time talking about our church: who we are, what our frustrations are, and what we do well. Let me share these with you:

Who are we:
• A cornerstone of the Reidland Community
• Involved in missional outreach
• A Preschool provider
• Followers of the Great Commission

What Are Our Frustrations:
• Poor communications within church
• We are terrible procrastinators
• We are “clique-ish”
• We are crisis-driven
• Need to use our resources better
• We need to find unity from within
• We are a “graying” church (and graying community)

What Do We Do Well:
• Missions – both outside of our community and within our community
• Preschool – we have a premier preschool and have attracted several members through it
• Older Adult Ministry – Our OWLS program is very successful!

It was a good meeting, and an honest one. Not only do we know our strengths, but we also know our faults. But now that we know them, we can address them. We can continue to build upon what we do well, and remedy that which needs work.

But we won’t fix it in a day, or in another meeting. It will take time, and it will be done in God’s time. That’s frustrating for people like me who like timetables. But I also know that the Holy Spirit rarely rejects good planning and prayer. Just as God had a plan for Jesus as He went into Jerusalem, so must we have a plan of discipleship and mission as we go forward.

I am really energized. Our district superintendent came and reminded us that in this day and age, we need several entry points into our church where people can not only find Christ, but also find their niche in the Kingdom and be able to share their gifts. We don’t do it to glorify Reidland UMC, tho… we do it to glorify God and proclaim Christ crucified and resurrected. And that’s good news!


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