Don't Forget Joy

As usual... I forgot my camera. And believe you me, it was a Kodak Moment.

I've been to two proms in my life; the first one was my high school senior prom. The other one was last Friday night; our church's preschool had a "Preschool Prom." The fellowship hall looked like a ballroom; ferns and beautiful flowers, a fountain, nicely arranged foodstuffs and punch (I stayed near the punchbowl to be sure none of the preschoolers tried to spike it), a D.J. to play dance music, and a professional photographer to make portraits.

Of course, the preschool director has it as part of the yearly curriculum; practicing prosocial behavior, using our manners and proper etiquette, dressing appropriately for the occasion, etc. I must admit that the children were well-behaved. But more was gained than just children learning social skills and having confidence in public. Parents were there (also dressing the part!) and nearly all of the church staff came as well (and no, I didn't "order" them to). What did we gain? We got to see honest, uninhibited, magnificent joy... the children were our teachers that night.

Is it possible that "growing up" causes us to forget our joy in life?

I come with joy to meet my Lord,
forgiven, loved, and free,
in awe and wonder to recall his life laid down for me,
his life laid down for me.

- Brian Wren, "I Come With Joy", Hymn #617, U.M. Hymnal

Don't forget joy.