"Right Down the Middle..."

No... it's not another baseball story.

I found this video on Shane Raynor’s Wesley Blog. It’s hilarious… but there is enough of a bite of reality in it to cause me to ask some questions:

After hearing Betty Butterfield talk about the Methodists being “right down the middle,” I wonder if the humor hits a little too close to home. Are we guilty of being “typical?”

  1. How are visitors received into our churches?

  2. How would someone who has never been churched feel upon coming to our church for the first time?

  3. What impressions would a visitor take with them upon leaving our church services on a Sunday morning?

  4. What changes to we need to make?

Before we answer too quickly, we need to examine ourselves and our church: is it a reflection upon the God we worship in Christ. or is it is reflection of ourselves?


BTW... Betty just doesn't pick on the Methodists... she critiques several faith traditions here.


No we are guilty of being boring.
and bored. (see the homosexuality debate)